We all have something about our faces that we would like to change. But it can be hard to find a beauty treatment that makes us look younger or more refreshed without making us look the same as everyone else who has had treatments to enhance their appearance. Now, at last, you can get the perfect look for you. In addition to its current anti-ageing and beauty treatments, including Bioline facial treatment paths, massage, waxing and tinting, Sansâge Face and Laser Clinic is now offering a tailored skin maintenance program that’s Right4You!

What is Right4You?

Right4You is an innovative beauty treatment system that has been developed by Galderma Australia. It offers you a personalised approach and a treatment plan devised especially to restore and enhance your own natural beauty.

Whether you want to look younger, correct facial imbalances, improve the appearance of your skin or define certain facial features, Right4You treatments can provide you with long-lasting, natural looking results that will continue to improve over time. Working closely in consultation with you to determine the elements you want to change and the results you’re hoping to achieve, our highly trained and experienced practitioners here at Sansâge Face and Laser Clinic will devise a unique treatment plan that gives you the attractive, youthful looks you want while still retaining the individuality that is the essence of who you are.

Right4You is the perfect complement to our current offering of beauty and skin treatments, enabling us to provide a cohesive, tailored approach to your aesthetic needs.

Improve your appearance without making it obvious


Few of us are truly happy with our appearance. Some of us wish for more defined lips or cheekbones, others want to address the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles, while some would just love skin that looked brighter, smoother and healthier.

These problems tend to become more pronounced as we age – the skin loses firmness and elasticity, and our facial volume decreases, which can significantly alter our appearance. More lines, wrinkles and creases start to appear and the skin can begin to look tired and dull.

Right4You helps to address the effects of ageing in the unique ways that you are experiencing them. As the program is tailored specifically to suit your individual needs, it achieves natural looking results. It won’t be obvious that you’ve had cosmetic treatments.

In addition to our other hugely popular beauty and anti-ageing treatments, we’re seeing a huge demand for this new approach to skin maintenance throughout Wollongong CBD, Mangerton and Figtree. Here are a few of the benefits that make this system Right4You!


Many of us would like a more relaxed appearance, free from the lines caused by making facial expressions such as frowning. Right4You treatment can smooth these lines without giving your face the telltale “frozen” look that is associated with many cosmetic injections. The effects of the treatment can last up to five months. A huge 93 percent of clients report that it has surpassed or met their expectations, and achieves natural looking results.



Would you like to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles or nose-to-mouth lines? Do you long for the days when your cheeks and temples appeared fuller? With a tailored Right 4You program, you have control over the elements of the ageing process you would like to halt. Our skilled practitioners can target specific areas of your face, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and revitalising collagen production to give your skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.


Do you wish you had more defined cheekbones or a stronger jawline? Perhaps, like many women, you would like fuller or more contoured lips. Or maybe you have a facial asymmetry you want to correct.

Right4You gives you the opportunity to make subtle changes to your facial features for greater definition and balance – you’ll still look like you, but with the added confidence that correcting small aesthetic flaws can bring.


Glowing skin is one of the major attributes of a youthful look – and Right4You’s innovative skin maintenance treatment can provide you with the healthy, rejuvenated skin you’ve always wanted. It can make your skin appear smoother and brighter, correct the early signs of ageing such as fine lines, and even improve the appearance of imperfections including acne scars, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed, glowing and thoroughly beautiful.

SanSage_Right4U_04Why choose Sansâge?

Based in Warrawong, NSW, Sansâge Face and Laser Clinic has built up an impressive reputation for a variety of beauty treatments, including our patented laser skin treatment that helps promote rejuvenation by using medical grade laser technology, as well as other beauty essentials such as massage, waxing and tinting. By offering the tailored Right4You treatment system to our valued customers throughout the Wollongong area, we feel we are adding an essential element of individual care to our beauty portfolio, continuing to help you look and feel your best in a way that’s truly Right4You!

Please get in touch if you’d like more information about Right4You or any of the other treatments we offer.